The Benefits
The Pockitpouch™ provides professionals and DIY enthusiasts a quick and easy way to hammer or drill nails and screws when used alongside standard Tool Belts, Tool Vest, Pouches and Shirt Pockets.

Pockitpouch vs Alternatives

Compared to alternative products we estimate that our product is at least 50% faster when using hammers or drills, and compared to nail gun's our product can offer a comparative alternative at times when your nail gun usage is not practical or safe to use, this could be relevant when working in a restricted space or proximity to the general public.

Environmental Credentials of Pockitpouch
Environmental requirements to reduce our carbon footprint will mean reducing wastage of materials such as nails and screws and who's knows what rules or regulations may be introduced in the future regarding the singe use plastic used on cordless automatic-feed screwdrivers obviously this is just an observation by ourselves but none the less things and discussions around environmental wastage is constantly in the headlines as such we intend to use locally produced recycled materials for our Pockitpouch ranges in the future.

Nail Gun Speed vs Pockitpouch
Nail guns are efficient and fast in their operations with regards to installing roofing, decking, flooring or fencing and subsequently many professionals will not change this as it provides them with the speed to complete job as fast as possible.

But this was when operations was compared when the only alternative was the traditional tool belt setup whereas you now have an option to use our Pockitpouch which provides extra speed without jams ups, yes you have to load the Pockitpouch but once loaded and completed simply reload and use again unlike collated screw systems whereby the plastic used is simply thrown away to end up in a landfill site.

Pockitpouch provides more than enough speed for normal fastening operations for both professional and domestic users as a professional tradesmen you have an alternative in situations during a power cut or when your power tools have not been sufficiently charged to carry on and complete the task with the Pockitpouch.

Also consider that the time taken to charge a battery could represent the time taken to fill your Pockitpouch.

Nail Gun Safety vs Pockitpouch
Danger is associated with anything with extreme power such as a nail gun that is capable of driving a nail through a hard substrate with its powerful piston mechanism, this same power could also drive the nail through a persons body causing life long injury to the user. Pockitpouch provides a safer way to work especially when working at height to prevent injury to person on the ladder and operatives below from falling fasteners, Pockitpouch actively secures fasteners whilst in the prepared vertical orientation and fasteners are easily pulled out with your usual magnetic drill bits.

Health and Safety
The Health and Safety Executive estimates there are 40,000 falls from ladders and step ladders every year in the UK, any operations that allows you to have a proper secure hold on the rungs of the ladder at all times is more favourable to Health and Safety.

Simplicity of use
Pockitpouch will allow you free unrestrictive access to whatever fastener you have prepared in the nail or screw holding block, unlike standard tool box containers, buckets, pouches and pockets all nails and screws secured in the correct vertical orientation will help speed up the time taken to fasten the required nail or screw to the substrate in three simple hand operations as follows;

Fastening Steps
1. Use left hand to retrieve nail or screw from Pockitpouch from your left side shirt pocket

2. Position screw or nail to the fastening point on the substrate

3. Use right hand to finally secure fastener and visa versa if left handed

DIY user Benefits
Many accidents involving ladders and stepladders also happen at home as well as at work, as to this Pockitpouch is just as suitable for home DIY enthusiasts as to its affordability, safety and practicality in use.

Trade Professional Benefits
Wasted manpower how many times have you had to go back to the van or retailer because you ran out of fasteners? by pre-calculating how many fasteners you require to complete your installation you simply add up the total expected fasteners required prior to starting the job then fill up the required pockitpouches to complete your installation, instead of carrying a bucket load of fasteners measured by weight.

Loose nail screw packs or collated the cost saving
Organised approach to complete a task is the main way to decrease installation times and reduce man hours. It takes a little effort to fill the Pockitpouch but the financial cost benefit of purchasing nails and screws in loose packs will reduce your annual material expenditure substantially when compared to the cost of purchasing collated nails or screw packs.

What is Pockitpouch
Pockitpouch is what it says in the name, it's for pockets and pouches it is convenient for storage as it will fit into most standard nail or screw tool cases of the majority of recognised brands and can be simply stored in your pocket or pouch for convenience to use at anytime.

Tool Vest Common Disadvantages
Tool vest will add bulk to your torso area but that is dependent on what you are carrying, if you are working in a very tight crawl space or in attics you may spend a lot of time kneeling and nails and screws from pockets of a tool vest can scatter or spill out.

Nails and screws do not easily spill out of the Pockitpouch system as illustrated on our video demonstration page the nails or screws only become detached at a angle greater than the normal associated position of the user to allow the transfer of the fasteners back into the designated nail or screw storage containers which could be in your van or if DIY enthusiast at home in your garage.

Tool Belt Common Disadvantages
Wearing a tool belt to your hip as been associated with your tool belt pouches constantly catching door handles and depending on the size of your pouches also mean moving sideways through door frames so be prepared to be snagged if wearing a fully packed tool belt with a number of pouches fitted.

Fully loaded tool belts can be very heavy dependent on your trade and tool requirements and the weight carried daily could be above 1.5 kilo grammes which on a daily basis can cause fatigue and back pain this can be reduced by user incorporating a combined padded suspenders to support your tool belt without this suspender you will most likely spend most of your day pulling up your pants, which is not easy to do whilst on a ladder.

Another disadvantage that many do not consider is the amount of times a tool belt will need to be detached when driving, sitting and day to day common breaks how inconvenient would it be too put on and off all day long.

Pockitpouch weight could be as little as 30 grammes which means you could purchase a for Pockitpouches to fit into a standard leather tool belt as illustrated on our video demonstration page this leather tool belt weight is 375g so that combined weight is only 495 grammes substantially lighter than many modern tool belts that may weight above 1.5 kilo grammes.

Personal choice of the user would be to consider convenience and weight does the standard tool belt compared to Pockitpouch offer better convenience and does the standard tool belt offer a lighter weight than a typical leather tool belt for you to be agile whilst at work or general home improvements.

Tool Vest Advantages

Fitted correctly a tool vest will distribute the weight of tools nails and screws and hardware evenly across your torso which makes for a more comfortable support structor also nails and screws on our Pockitpouch placed inside the pocket of tool vests are more easily accessible to the user as the bottom pockets on the tool vest could be accessed with the magnetic drill bit for easier retrieval of screw or nail from the Pockitpouch, whereas the top pocket of the tool vest could be easier to access with the users fingers.

Whatever method used to access the nail or screw the process of hammer to nail or drill to screw will be substantially faster when using our Pockitpouch system for nail and screws, and in some cases more convenient than using a cordless nail gun or cordless auto-fed screwdriver in a confined spaces or tight corner of walls and gives you the benefit of no worries normally associated with power tools has to battery not charged or jamming of nails or screws in power tools.

Tool Belt Advantages
The standard tool belt was developed in the 1950,s since that time not much as changed except that the number of pouches or pockets have evolved including mega bucket pouches different materials from leather to canvas materials even plastic are now incorporated in some forms of tool belts.

But the main aim of the user is still the same which would be convenience by having a number of suitable pockets or pouches on the garments to make access to tools or fasteners more convenient, workwear preferably lightweight and durable in use, provides suitable support feature for hammer or drill.

Many tool vest offer all these requirements and a tool vest could weight as little as 775 grammes, which is 775 grammes lighter than some standard tool belts and 400 grammes heavier than a standard leather tool belt.

Tool Vest vs Tool Belt
The choice of using Pockitpouch in a tool belt or tool vest is a matter of choice there is convenience when accessing nails and screws by using a tool vest as it allows faster access closer to the point of fastening than reaching further down your torso to access the nails or screws on a tool belt.

But when wearing a tool belt you could support a greater number of Pockitpouch inside a larger pouch configuration which could be useful for long continuous fastening operations such as a fencing contractor, roofing contractors, electrician or plasterer etc.

Civilian vs Armed forces Use of Tool Belts Vs Tool Vests
Take a look at army personal across the world in full gear do you see them wearing tool belts or tool vest consider that they are carrying ammunition food, helmet and water amongst other things weighing above 12kg all day long, so why have they chosen a tool vest as oppose to a tool belt.

They have looked at the features and benefits for each product due to their need for the soldier being able to march from one place to another in full gear without injury and be agile to complete the required task in the same way as a tradesmen would consider a contract to be able to fulfil his or her daily tasks and being agile throughout their career to reduce personal injury and fatigue.

Why Buy a Pockitpouch
Pockitpouch offers you the lightweight approach to complete a task smarter and quicker when combined with the use of either a tool belt, tool vest or simply your shirt pocket.

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