Our MkSC cover plate as been developed for shipping containers its a slightly compact version to our other models so that the cover plate once fitted should be flush in-line with the outer frame of the shipping container.

The hasp section is then dropped into the cover plate with its outer flanges preventing any side movements and moved backwards or forwards to line up with the shipping containers main staple bracket hole.

Once all components have been prepared a standard shipping container padlock secures all three components.

Our optional thermal insulted internal weather shield can be used to help protect padlocks within our cover plates from freezing.

Shipping containers logistics and competition to have products shipped in a timely manner as now reached its limit with the cost of shipping a 40ft container in 2021 from Asia to Europe now costing £12,650 which is more than 10 times the price paid in 2020 which was £1,265.

The shipping containers logistics and transportation is under pressure with the reduction in lorry drivers which is either due to the perfect storm of the pandemic, Brexit in the UK, the 400 shipping vessels which were stuck in the queue behind the Evergreen Even Given shipping vessel in the Suez Canal and finally the change in consumer shopping to e-commerce.

The giants such as Walmart, Home Depot and Swedish furniture brand Ikea have taken control of this situation to protect their services by either purchasing their own shipping containers and charter ships independently as reported on BBC news.

Our shipping container MkSC door handle covers plates can help make your shipping container more secure through these turbulent times and during long periods of waiting for your container to be delivered either whilst using the normal logistic carrier services or your own independent logistic services.

We look forward to discussing the features and benefits to all corporations looking to further protect their goods in transit during these turbulent shipping times and design our cover plates to match your brand and services requirements.

Left view MkSC padlock cover plate for shipping containers handles

Left side view of our shipping container opening handle cover plate MkSc designed to protect access to the shipping containers handles and padlock whilst in transit.

Our shipping container padlock cover can be easily removed by the driver of the haulage truck whilst on route or at the end of the destination and reused on the next journey by another driver saving on cost on all your secure haulage of goods on a permanent basis.

Suited for the present logistics haulage and the next generation of independent self service organisations looking to secure their goods from the manufacturer sites to their retail destination.

We welcome organisations looking for a bespoke branded version to meet their logistics goods and haulage services give us a call to discuss your requirements.

Right view MkSC shipping container handle cover plate

Right side view of our shipping container opening handle cover plate MkSc designed to protect access to the shipping containers handles and padlock whilst in transit.

Unlike other security devices our product does not require a key which saves you having to store or replace broken keys.

The driver of the company or logistics services transporting the goods from the port or from the original location can have his own padlock to secure the MKSC shipping container cover plate as such he takes responsibility to secure the goods in transit whilst under his control.

As soon as the driver has completed his part of the journey his padlock can be removed and the next driver subsequently fits his own padlock thereby limiting the chances of keys being copied or keys being lost throughout the journey.

When the goods have been delivered the MkSc is stored inside the container using the same bolts that hold it onto the door externally to secure the cover plate internally.

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