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PockitPouch kit for screws and nails now available!

Pockitpouch standard 45 mm nail kit £24.99 saving £2.99

Pockitpouch standard 45 mm screw kit £24.99 saving £2.99

Pockitpouch standard 45 mm nail and screw kit £34.99 saving £7.98

Pockitpouch is an Eco Friendly way to fasten materials and will reduce plastic waste from that associated with the use of collated automatic feed screw and nail guns.

Pockitpouch as no moving parts is robust and versatile quick and easy to use so no reading manuals or having to purchase batteries cases or other accessories.

Pockitpouch can be reused for continuously easy fastening of nails and screws of various dimensions without having to make adjustments.

Pockitpouch is comfortable to wear due to the whisky flask shape which hugs the contour of your body as opposed to nail guns or automatic collated screwdrivers that are hanging to the side of your hip all day long.

Pockitpouch can help reduce personal injuries to your back as it weights as little as 30 grammes.

Pockitpouch reduces the amount of screws and nails lost during general building operations as our product actively reduces the chances of the nails or screws falling out of the pocket or pouch.

Pockitpouch saves time not having to use magnetic floor sweepers to collect nails and screws after a long days work before leaving the site.

Pockitpouch does not use magnets to hold the screws or nails in place like general magnetic tool wristbands in the market.

Pockitpouch can easily hold none magnetic screws and nails such as stainless steel, brass, bronze, polymers, beryllium, copper and aluminium as well as magnetic screws and nails that magnetic tool wrist bands are limited to use.

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