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Single-use plastic cutlery ban report BBC 28/08/2021 10.20am

Pockitpouch was launched from my experience as a tradesmen when I was fastening fencing and other general activities such as roofing, decking electrical work that the whole process was very slow when compared to power tools such as the auto-feed screw guns or auto-feed nail guns which are dramatically faster.

I found the only other solution available was the strap on velcro magnetic wrist bands.

In theory the velcro magnetic wrist bands for screws nails do the job but five things to be noted;

Magnetic wrist bands considerations

  • The nails or screws will join together due to the magnets

  • The screws or nails are not held in a vertical easy to pull out elevation

  • The straps will cause irritation and sweating to the wrist

  • The hand you use for the magnetic strap becomes the pouch so is now redundant

  • Only works on magnetic nails and screws

Benefits of Pockitpouch

  • Pockitpouch is at least 50% faster than using the alternative strap on magnetic wrist band

  • Compared to just using a standard tool vest pouch is easier and faster using it with a Pockitpouch as you no longer cut yourself removing the nails or screws

  • Compared to just using a standard too belt pouch is easier and faster using it with a Pockitpouch as you no longer cut yourself when removing the nails or screws

  • Compared to the weight of tool belt which are from 500 g up and above 1.5 kg whereas Pockitpouch weight is as little as 30 g

  • Compared to the cost of auto-feed collated screw and nail guns anything from £250 upwards whereas Pockitpouch starts at just £9.99

  • Compared to inconvenience of jam ups on auto-feed collated screw or nail guns Pockitpouch as no moving parts to jam up

  • Compared to power tools plastic usage and end of life recycling Pockitpouch in theory could be broken down and reused "Subject to conditions"

  • Our Pockitpouch is not a single-use plastic product so should not be levied or banned under Governments single-use plastic taxes or bans

Extract from BBC News report Singe-use plastic ban on cutlery

What's been said about the ban on single-use plastic cutlery?Some environmental organisations and charities have welcomed the government's plans to ban a number of single-use plastic items but say more needs to be done more quickly.

However, she also says the government needs to go "much, much, much further" in tackling plastic waste.

"We are really facing an environmental crisis, our oceans are full of plastic, and they're killing marine life, they are damaging our Eco-systems and they are actually threatening human health," Jo said.

Many other activists also believe more urgent and wider action is needed. Plans to ban single-use plastic cutlery have already been announced in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and the European Union brought in asimilar ban in July earlier this year.

We need government to take an overall approach to say that what we are going to do is bring an end to all plastic pollution, and what we're going to do is drastically reduce the amount of all single-use products, not just a fork followed by a spoon followed by a cup," said Kierra Box from the charity Friends of the Earth.

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