Demonstrating attack on Padlock Cover Mk7 4tress4gates

Right side anti lift

  • Demonstrating cordless angle grinder 125 mm blade unable to reach the padlock on the metal door

  • Key cylinder lock internally fitted limiting lock picking accessibility

  • Hasp and staple contained within the modular container system limiting crow bar attack

  • Free Firemans drop key holder for fitting and removing padlock is included on Mk7 special promotions

  • Free hasp and staple provided with special promoted Mk7 offers

  • Free padlock with 3 keys is provided on special promoted Mk7 offers along with 1 x pan head screws and nut

  • Modular system that allows you to add battery power within the container

  • Containment within to install micro security systems and sensors

  • Fitted with four M10 coach bolts and nuts secured inside the protected building

  • Right side anti lift Mk7 has illustrated is for a left hinged door opening outwards with hasp set 5 mm from inner top of body

  • Left side anti lift Mk7 is for right hinged door opening outwards with hasp set 5 mm from inner bottom of body

  • Left and right flange of body is positioned as illustrated at edge of door vertical edge

  • Position padlock as shown if using your own hasp has this security device only works with this type of padlock in this orientation on the staple

  • Always fit hasp and staple first before fitting the Mk7 and only after confirming the area where you intend fitting the Mk7 will not drill into the internal locking mechanism of the door

  • Make sure that the padlock hardened steel shackle is free to be pulled outwards horizontally without hitting the brick or other structure securing the frame of the door

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