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Coming soon locking gear security for shipping container and truck trailer doors

Shipping containers are everywhere around the world a small quantity are in use on container ships whilst the vast amounts of shipping containers are destined for usage as cheap affordable storage solutions for either public, commercial or industrial users.

This option of storage using shipping containers as the key component offers financial convenience to the operator as it is easily transported to the location by a suitable logistics freight service provider and can be in use in a matter of days.

Brexit in the UK and Europe along with the Covid 19 pandemic is having a detrimental effect for small independent shop owners along with large well established high street shops, many reporting loss of trading and high proportional running costs associated with having a prime location on the high street.

  • Benefit of a shipping container used to store your goods for sale may not be ideal for your trade or services if you sell primarily by foot traffic, but perhaps now is the time to make changes to match the way customers now shop and incorporate your specific e-commerce services alongside any further expansions and utilise the services of your local shipping container storage services in your area

  • Benefit of owning your own shipping container is that in most cases you will not require planning permission or building regulations dependent on your country or your region, so you could be operational in a matter of days

We will be launching our MkSC cover plate for the locking gear of shipping container locking handles and truck trailer rear locking handles around March 2021 which will provide extra protecting alongside the standard lockBox incorporated on the main door.

For further information give us a call and consider subscribing to our mailing list and we will keep you updated on our list of retailers for your area.

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