Twenty First Post

New product PockitPouch will be launching Sunday 4 July 2021

INDEPENDENCE DAY as arrived from the tool belt for professional tradesmen and DIY

The way we work changes from time to time like working from home in the ongoing pandemic restrictions as shown that although never thought as viable as proven to be successful especially to the environment.

Whereas the leather tool belt was born in the 1950,s the first were cobbled at home or custom made by shoe repair and various saddle shops now with the changes with modern technology and mass produced products can be made from various material to suit each individual tradesmen in his or her field of industry.

What we are introducing is a product that will make a shift in how tradesmen and women utilise the tool belt it will allow faster screw and nail operations provide better access to the fasteners and can still be used alongside the tool belt if required, product will be launching in the coming weeks and its called the PockitPouch™

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