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Official launch of Mk2/Mk3 fixed hasp and staple and base plates 21 September 2020

Does your hasp match your padlock for security?

Due to customers request and what seems to be ongoing frustration of finding a suitable hasp and staples that not only offers a good like for like match to their padlock security and our cover plates and suitability to the various padlock shackle dimensions available.

We have put ourselves to the challenge and introduced our Mk2 Fixed Hasp and Staple for Shrouded, Discuss and Container type padlocks and our Mk3 version which includes our base kit for total protection.

How many times have you researched for a new padlock only to purchase the item then go through the whole process again for the hasp and staple and how do you feel once the reality sets in that the weakest point is now the hasp and staple!

What would you consider to be a good hasp and staple and padlock combination at an affordable price whilst still protecting all your most valuable assets that you have acquired other the years whether personal or business related.

We are living in turbulent times with the pandemic and the repercussion of business failures and subsequent job losses throughout the world, so now is not the time to skimp on security now is the time to embrace better protection for all your assets as normal security measures such as Insurance policy claims may not be as fast as Pre-Covid conditions expect delays and possible increase in premiums in the years to come.

Now is the time to invest in a robust preventative policy that will help safeguard you against possible business failure not just loss of assets or loss of your no claims bonus "if they can see it they can steal it" Protect what you have worked hard for all your life and keep safe.

Key Points of a good hasp and staple for your padlock

Feature 1: Allow for various sizes of shackles up to 15 mm.

Reason: You may wish to purchase a bigger padlock in the future.

Feature 2: Hasp and staple ideally should be at least 5 mm thick steel construction not just tin stamped steel.

Reason: Attacker with a crow bar will easily twist low quality tin stamped hasp and staple from any surface material.

Feature 3: Zinc plated powder coated construction.

Reason: Global warming extreme weather conditions requires good quality products for long term operations.

Feature 4: Suitable for left or right hinged doors or gates.

Reason: Our Multifunctional hasp and staple saves you money and time and makes it easier for you to reuse product on another door or gate.

Feature 5: Secured with 10 mm bolts not just screws.

Reason: Flimsy 4 mm screws perhaps only 35 mm long will not provide the same level of strength as a 10 mm thick coach bolt 65 mm long on any type of door.

Feature 6: Adjustable width between hasp and staple to secure container type padlocks.

Reason: Our fixed positioned hasp and staple allows a more secure fitting and support for container type padlocks.

Feature 7: Easy to install but difficult for attackers to forceable remove.

Reason: Once you have fitted the hasp or staple to the door frame its a simple matter of lining up the opposing hasp or staple on the door "no more miss-aligning clasp with staple"

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