Sixteenth Post

Cambridge news article 16 May 2018 By Tom Pilgrim

Cut off saw to steal a bike Video of a man in Cambridge using a Cut Off Saw in broad daylight to remove U-lock attached to a bike and driving away with someones prized possession.

A standard U-lock shackle is around 16 mm thick they are vulnerable to attacks because they are exposed and have no other barrier that can restrict attacks.

Our cover plates also provide protection from rain sleet and snow which could increase the length of periods of ongoing maintenance and save you money and the inconvenience of having to replace your padlocks.

Covering the padlock shackle and its exposed key barrel reduces the volume of water that enters the internal components preventing internal contamination which could cause jam ups or a seized key barrels

By installing our cover protection shielding along with regular lubrication and utilising your calendar reminders on your mobile phone will help prevent frustration anger and heartache and help preserve the life span of your padlocks in any location.

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