Twenty First Post

New product PockitPouch™ will be launching Sunday 4 July 2021 on our eBay e-commerce user name profile "Pockitpouch" and our webpage.

INDEPENDENCE DAY as arrived from the tool belt for professional tradesmen and DIY

The way we work changes from time to time like working from home in the ongoing pandemic restrictions as shown that although never thought as viable as proven to be successful especially to the environment.

Whereas the leather tool belt was born in the 1950,s the first were cobbled at home or custom made by shoe repair and various saddle shops now with the changes with modern technology and mass produced products can be made from various material to suit each individual tradesmen in his or her field of industry.

What we are introducing is a product that will make a shift in how tradesmen and women utilise the tool belt it will allow faster screw and nail operations provide better access to the fasteners and can still be used alongside the tool belt if required, product will be launching in the coming weeks and its called the PockitPouch™

Twentieth Post

Our new extended opening hours

We have extended our opening hours due to lock down restrictions being relaxed.

Now you can contact us on 07847 511 968 Between 9.00am-6.00pm Monday-Sunday.

Nineteenth Post

Truck rear trailer and shipping container locking gear handle security:

We have officially launched our MkSC cover plate on 5 March 2021 which is designed for shipping container and truck rear trailer locking gear opening handles.

Go to our dedicated shipping container and trailer door page to view our animated demonstrations.

"Please be aware this is not a replacement for the Lock Box which is the standard security housing for the main doors and does not provide protection to the opening handles"

Security devices associated with the locking gear handles of shipping container or truck trailer rear doors will involve some type of key to barrel locking mechanisms these regardless of the price paid or security rating level will be subject to extreme weather conditions and it is recommended by manufacturers that the owner or driver should undertake ongoing maintenance schedules to keep the devices functional otherwise failure due to rusting, seizing freezing due to ingress of water would result in the locking mechanism being unable to open. "resulting in no access to the goods in storage!"

Some of us would automatically reach for the WD-40 in this type of emergency, which will most likely work "but will leave the lock more vulnerable to further seizing once opened!"

As you may not be aware WD-40 is not a true lubricant, it is a water and oil displacing solvent, which means it will remove any lube already in the lock, leaving it dry and more susceptible to further seizing. As well as this, using WD-40 in your lock can also lead to the collection of dust and grime causing the lock pins to seize again from contamination.

Instead best practice would be to keep a can of ABUS pflege-spray PS 88 which is a lubricant spray especially for padlocks and door locks, It succeeds where WD40 fails.

This lubricant will help protect against the extreme weather conditions will lubricate the mechanism to protect against frost and ice and also eliminate squeaking "this is my own point of view and is not regarded as advice in any way"

Cumbersome security devices for locking gear handles in most cases cannot be easily stored away due to weight size or no adequate storage fixing points, our cover plates however are made to be

stored internally on the shipping container or trailer door using the same M10 bolts used to secure the base plates to the door "externally".

Our method of installation and optional storage inside the container allows for the easy transfer from unsecured to secure shipping/trailer container and also quick handover from one driver to the next continuously throughout the freight journey to the customers final destination point.

Fitting our cover plates is made simple as we have incorporating a 17 mm spanner profile cut-out on the hasp midpoint section thereby the driver can use the hasp as a spanner to remover the cover plate and secure it to the external side of the door."no further tools required"

Securing the hasp to the door handle retainer on the shipping/trailer container door is made easy as the hasp specific design allows it to slide up or down the rear side of the cover plates allowing for easy fitting to the majority of door handle retainers in the market."we of course recommend you contact us with your specific dimensions before purchase"

Shackles of padlocks come in various sizes as such we have made the access holes on our hasp suitable for standard shipping container and freight trailer door dimensions.

Choosing your padlock is made easy as we have a reliable source for your padlock requirements at Doorfit Products Ltd founded in 1953 they specialise in supplying high quality products in the areas of architectural hardware and security fitting they also offer excellent advice at there store in Birmingham.

None UK drivers can purchase their own padlocks in their own country thereby reducing possible import taxes in the UK also meeting the requirements and advice given to them by their insurance provider or company.

Multiple drop off points and driver trailer switch overs is another benefit of utilising our cover plates as our locking gear and door handle retainer assembly cover plates allows for easy padlock switch overs for your logistical freight services and accompanied driver operations so that you have a continues switch over from driver to driver from the origin of the freight to the final destination.

Secure your vehicle to stop illegal immigration "ADVICE FROM GOV.UK."

Border controls stowaways and fines imposed for not preventing stowaways."these fines and relevant paper work can have a dramatic impact on your business running cost"

If just one driver was unaware that is load was carrying stowaways and was subsequently levied with a fine the cost of implementing our cover plates which can be reused by the company or the driver as many times as required and as such would eventually pay for itself within a short period of time is a far better option than not having no protection whatsoever!

Published 7 February 2014

Last updated 16 January 2020

Road transport companies and their drivers must secure vehicles coming into the UK to stop ‘clandestine entrants’. A clandestine entrant is a person who hides in or on a vehicle to avoid going through UK border control.

If you don’t secure your vehicle, and you’re found carrying clandestine entrants into the UK, you’ll get a fine. "also known as a "civil penalty."

You face a fine of up to £2,000 for each clandestine entrant you carry.

  • The vehicle’s driver, owner or hirer can be fined

  • The law applies to all arrivals into the UK, including from European sea ports and on the Euro tunnel Shuttle

Secure your vehicle

  • Is your road haulage vehicle secure when you travel to and from the UK

  • You and your driver can be fined if don’t have an effective system to secure your vehicle, or if it isn’t used properly

For your company, an effective system includes:

  • written instructions for drivers on how to use the system

  • robust security devices to effectively secure the vehicle, load and load space

  • training for drivers on how to use the system and security devices

  • giving vehicle security checklists

  • checking that drivers are following the instructions

For your drivers, an effective system includes:

  • security devices "eg a padlock, seals and tilt cord" to secure vehicles after loading

  • checking the security devices and vehicle thoroughly after each stop and before entering the UK

Your drivers should read the guide on ‘How to avoid a penalty:

  • 10 steps to an effective system for drivers

  • If someone hides in your vehicle

  • Your drivers should contact the police if they suspect that someone is hiding in a vehicle

Before departing for the UK

  • Your drivers must not go through UK border control, or board transport to the UK, if they suspect there’s someone hiding in the vehicle they’re driving

  • They should contact the police in the country they’re in or speak to border control at the port where they plan to board. They can also contact Border Force at the port where they plan to arrive

After arriving in the UK

  • Drivers shouldn’t approach anyone hiding in a vehicle. They should stay in the cab of the vehicle and contact the local police

  • The police will take the driver’s details and your company’s details, and tell Border Force about the clandestine entrants

  • You and your driver may get letters from the clandestine entrant civil penalty team, which is part of Border Force, asking for information about the security system in place on that day

  • Your information will be used to help decide who will be fined, and by how much. For examples of how this is decided, read the "Level of penalty code of practice"

At UK border control

  • Your driver may be interviewed about the security system they’re using if clandestine entrants are found in your vehicle at UK border control, at a port in the UK or anywhere in Europe

  • They can refuse to be interviewed and leave at any stage, but it’s in their interest to give as much information as they can

  • Your company and the vehicle’s owner or hirer may also be asked for information

  • Your information will be used to help decide who will be fined, and by how much

  • If you get a fine You’ll get a form ‘Form IS11’ showing the amount of the fine. You must pay it within 60 days of the form’s issue date

Object to a fine

  • You have the right to object to a fine

  • You must do this within 28 days. "Form IS11’" explains how to object

  • You can also read the guidance on objections and appeals

Appeal against a fine

  • You have the right to appeal against a fine to a country court. You must do this within 28 days

  • Secure your vehicle to help stop illegal immigration GOV.UK 07/03/2021, 11 58

  • the issue date on your ‘Form IS11’ if you didn’t object to the fine the date your objection is decided if you objected to the fine

  • Use ‘Form N161

How to pay your fine

  • You can read the guidance notes on how to pay your fine

  • If your vehicle is detained

  • Your vehicle may be detained because of unpaid fines

concern that you won’t pay a fine on time.

  • If your vehicle is detained, you should email the clandestine entrant civil penalty team straight away

  • Your vehicle will only be released when all outstanding fines have been paid, plus the costs of the detention

How you can reduce fines

  • You can join an accreditation scheme to help reduce your fines

  • To qualify, you must have an effective security system for your vehicles. You must also make sure the system is used properly. This includes training and checking drivers

  • Companies in the scheme must continue to meet all the requirements to avoid being fined

  • Individual drivers can’t join the scheme. They can still be fined if their employer is in the scheme

  • You can apply for the accreditation scheme using the application form

  • Contact the clandestine entrant civil penalty team "CECPT"

  • You can contact the CECPT to get information about fines and the accreditation scheme for companies

  • Email: Telephone: 00 44 01303 299 298

I am sure you have read and understand the full understanding of the law and how it effects the company and the driver and would take a detail look at your own security features to prevent having to go through the aforementioned rules and procedures, but fundamentally it is up to you and your drivers to provide the border control to your own logistics freight forwarding. "this is my own point of view and is not regarded as advice in any way"

There is also health and safety benefits and possible lock down prevention with incorporating our cover plates to any logistics freight forwarding company as preventing covid transmissions amongst drivers from key sharing or sharing security devices that may or may not be easy to keep clean, our cover plates does not require a key and unlike other locking gear handles security devices our product is a flat preformed folded shape that is easy to clean.

Our product offers value for money in regards to security and long term logistic running costs for both company and driver as the base plates could be purchased by the company to retrofit onto their shipping container or trailers doors leaving the driver the choice to purchase his own personal cover plates from us independently.

The reason for this is that as with accompanied driver logistics services the security device would be purchased individually if purchased at all by the logistics or driver which would in most cases be unpractical for both parties so we have separated this issue providing each party to implement their own individual security measures as long as the logistics as installed a base plate then the driver would be allowed to install the cover plate for his or her journey.

Regarding our shipping container rental services we have many high street independent shop owners perhaps looking to shipping container storage facilities for their stock goods or services to provide their services on-line.

These new customers will come from having a secure bricks and mortar operation and may feel less secure having their entire livelihoods stored in a field with just one Lock Box and padlock! by offering our cover plate as an optional add on to your current shipping container security feature could steer more customers your way.

Another feature benefit is that you can charge a monthly fee for providing the cover plate as an add on feature which will eventually pay for the cost of the cover plate and continue to provide long term ongoing profits for as long as you maintain the shipping container and cover plate.

Feature benefit if you run a shipping container rental service and have a customer that cannot or will not pay! simple solution would be to first install a base plate on all your shipping containers then simply put our cover plate on that particular customers shipping container unit with a simple message. "please pay to regain access"

We are happy to assist you with your purchase so If you are a logistics operator providing accompanied driver services, shipping container storage facilitator, owner of a shipping container or an independent truck driver looking for a simply solution to protect your goods in transit give us a call we can arrange a package for your needs.

For further information and availability from our retailers please give us a call and also consider subscribing to our mailing list.

Eighteenth Post

Coming soon locking gear security for shipping container and truck trailer doors

Shipping containers are everywhere around the world a small quantity are in use on container ships whilst the vast amounts of shipping containers are destined for usage as cheap affordable storage solutions for either public, commercial or industrial users.

This option of storage using shipping containers as the key component offers financial convenience to the operator as it is easily transported to the location by a suitable logistics freight service provider and can be in use in a matter of days.

Brexit in the UK and Europe along with the Covid 19 pandemic is having a detrimental effect for small independent shop owners along with large well established high street shops, many reporting loss of trading and high proportional running costs associated with having a prime location on the high street.

  • Benefit of a shipping container used to store your goods for sale may not be ideal for your trade or services if you sell primarily by foot traffic, but perhaps now is the time to make changes to match the way customers now shop and incorporate your specific e-commerce services alongside any further expansions and utilise the services of your local shipping container storage services in your area

  • Benefit of owning your own shipping container is that in most cases you will not require planning permission or building regulations dependent on your country or your region, so you could be operational in a matter of days

We will be launching our MkSC cover plate for the locking gear of shipping container locking handles and truck trailer rear locking handles around March 2021 which will provide extra protecting alongside the standard lockBox incorporated on the main door.

For further information give us a call and consider subscribing to our mailing list and we will keep you updated on our list of retailers for your area.

Seventeenth Post

Official launch of Mk2/Mk3 fixed hasp and staple and base plates 21 September 2020

Does your hasp match your padlock for security?

Due to customers request and what seems to be ongoing frustration of finding a suitable hasp and staples that not only offers a good like for like match to their padlock security and our cover plates and suitability to the various padlock shackle dimensions available.

We have put ourselves to the challenge and introduced our Mk2 Fixed Hasp and Staple for Shrouded, Discuss and Container type padlocks and our Mk3 version which includes our base kit for total protection.

How many times have you researched for a new padlock only to purchase the item then go through the whole process again for the hasp and staple and how do you feel once the reality sets in that the weakest point is now the hasp and staple!

What would you consider to be a good hasp and staple and padlock combination at an affordable price whilst still protecting all your most valuable assets that you have acquired other the years whether personal or business related.

We are living in turbulent times with the pandemic and the repercussion of business failures and subsequent job losses throughout the world, so now is not the time to skimp on security now is the time to embrace better protection for all your assets as normal security measures such as Insurance policy claims may not be as fast as Pre-Covid conditions expect delays and possible increase in premiums in the years to come.

Now is the time to invest in a robust preventative policy that will help safeguard you against possible business failure not just loss of assets or loss of your no claims bonus "if they can see it they can steal it" Protect what you have worked hard for all your life and keep safe.

Key Points of a good hasp and staple for your padlock

Feature 1: Allow for various sizes of shackles up to 15 mm.

Reason: You may wish to purchase a bigger padlock in the future.

Feature 2: Hasp and staple ideally should be at least 5 mm thick steel construction not just tin stamped steel.

Reason: Attacker with a crow bar will easily twist low quality tin stamped hasp and staple from any surface material.

Feature 3: Zinc plated powder coated construction.

Reason: Global warming extreme weather conditions requires good quality products for long term operations.

Feature 4: Suitable for left or right hinged doors or gates.

Reason: Our Multifunctional hasp and staple saves you money and time and makes it easier for you to reuse product on another door or gate.

Feature 5: Secured with 10 mm bolts not just screws.

Reason: Flimsy 4 mm screws perhaps only 35 mm long will not provide the same level of strength as a 10 mm thick coach bolt 65 mm long on any type of door.

Feature 6: Adjustable width between hasp and staple to secure container type padlocks.

Reason: Our fixed positioned hasp and staple allows a more secure fitting and support for container type padlocks.

Feature 7: Easy to install but difficult for attackers to forceable remove.

Reason: Once you have fitted the hasp or staple to the door frame its a simple matter of lining up the opposing hasp or staple on the door "no more miss-aligning clasp with staple"

Fifteenth Post

Announcing our new company name 4tress4gates Ltd 20 August 2020

4tress4gates Ltd better associates our company with our products 4tress4u®, 4tress4gates® and our fencing installation services using the DuraPost® system

We aim to provide the best products and services along our journey during these turbulent times of COVID-19.

And with our subsequent name change reflects our commitment to our company products and services for many years to come.

Fourteenth Post

YouTube DuraPost® Fencing

At 4tress4gates® we have embarked on the next stage of our development which includes installation services of DuraPost FENCEMATE® fencing systems.

Our decision to become a Trained Installer of the DuraPost® FENCEMATE® fencing system is to offer an all round service for our customers which includes gate security with 4tress4gates® and outbuilding security with our 4tress4u®.

We thought long and hard of how we could provide a complete package system and service to our customers and deciding on what sort of fencing system we would look to support and recommend alongside our product ranges.

After researching and debating possible fencing systems to adapt to our services we made the decision to avoid installing concrete or wooden post fencing systems as we know these old methods of installation tend to degrade over the years.

Wooden post will warp, rot and crack and concrete post eventually start to crack or chip from the effects of wind damage or the constant rattling of fences panels during high winds leading to ingress of water which eventually will expose the steel reinforcing bars that subsequently start to rust within the concrete.

Global Warming and wasted resources is something we all need to think about concrete cannot be reused so will be sent to landfill sites along with the metal within its construction. "whereas DuraPost® can be recycled"

Also we wanted a product that offers better security features such has preventing high winds blowing out the fence panels from between the slotted post and preventing the known security flaw of the installation that allows opportunist to simply lift the fence panels up to gain access.

Birkdale FENCEMATE® created a solution that not only improves the look of the ugly concrete post or weakness of wooden post by providing a post made of galvanised steel, this new FENCEMATE DuraPost® complements the beauty of wood with the strength of steel to create durable fencing that’s stronger, lighter faster and more secure as the fence panels are screwed to the DuraPost® thereby restricting wind blow outs and opportunist gaining easy access to your property grounds.

FENCEMATE DuraPost® doesn’t rot, crack or warp like wood and won’t chip or crack like concrete meaning that it is longer lasting and guaranteed for up to 25 years (Terms and Conditions apply).

FENCEMATE® offers additional components to make a complete fencing system such as composite gravel boards steel post caps all in various colours designed to accommodate a wide range of fencing panels, adding both strength and style to your property this fencing system along with our product 4tress4gates® and 4tress4u® will provide you with a long lasting robust secure boundary for your home or business.

And finally the posts have been officially tested to withstand 110 miles per hour winds something that will be required in these extreme weather conditions that we are experiencing around the globe.

Call me for a chat! Mobile: 07847 511 968 Between 10am-5pm Monday-Friday.

Thirteenth Post

Padlocks History

Padlocks the basic principle has not changed significantly over many hundred of years but hand tools and power tools continue to changed with technology.

A list of tools now used in another way!

  • Crow bars: The first documented crowbar use was in France. Crowbars started as straight hexagonal pieces of metal used for robbery on ships to break through doors. The crowbar then quickly became useful for opening boxes. The crowbar was named after the crow's foot or beak.

  • Crow bars now offer a strong robust wrecking tool to jar away screws from timber or metal buildings that's why it's best to use bolts on any external defence.

  • Pipe wrench: A pipe wrench is any of several types of wrench that are designed to turn threaded pipe and pipe fittings for assembly (tightening) or disassembly (loosening).

  • Pipe wrenches are now being used to twist padlocks from hasps and staples.

  • Angle grinder: An angle grinder, also known as a side grinder or disc grinder, is a handheld power tool used for grinding (abrasive cutting) and polishing.

  • Cordless angle grinders easily cut through padlock shackles, hasp and staples so its best to give them all around protection from this menacing tool.

The basic principle is if it can be seen it can be attacked so offer some other form of defence! Our cover plates provide that reassurance that you have Provided a barrier from not only the crooks but also the tools that they use!

Twelfth Post

Broadcast BBC 12 November 2019

England flooding

Why insurance may not cover damage By Kevin Peachey Personal finance reporter.

We all need to do whatever we can to support our community our nation of hard workers we after all depend on our rural rural farmers for the food we have on our table.

Click to view report of floods

Eleventh Edition

Fly tipping is on the rise!

Across the country organised crime is behind the illegal dumping of waste.

Now is the best time to consider upgrading your gates, don't be a victim of fly- tipping make your boundary gates a visible deterrent to organised crime with our adjustable hook and band, padlock hasp and staple cover plates.

Click this link to view images fly tipping

Click this link to view Gate security to deter fly tipping

Tenth Edition

New Design for Timber Buildings 1 December 2019

Having consultation with various independent organisations we have now introduced our updated Mk7-T Domestic and Timber Buildings anti lift adjustable hook and band cover. This unit is formed without welds and substantially lighter in weight is more aesthetically pleasing and comes in standard colour grey.

Click this link to view our new product Mk7-T

Ninth Post

Rural community crimes report 2019

According to NFU Mutual, rural crime cost the UK an estimated £49.9m in 2019 up 12.1% from 2017 figures also up £7.5 million from the £42.4 million in 2015.

Farmers are now being advised to have a single entry points. Ensuring one way in and out of the property as opportunist prefer multiple exits points to escape with their haul.

Also they recommend the gate should be reinforced to protect the boundary entrance.

Click this link to view our Mk7 under attack with a 125mm cordless angle grinder

Eighth Post

YouTube MakewithRex Published on 22 Jan 2016

Possibilities Arduino Security Alarm for our 4tress4gates

Make your own security system within 10 minutes protect your gate from opportunist by installing a simple effective siren within our adjustable hook and band and anti lift container system.

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Seventh Post

Broadcasted 8 April 2019 BBC News

CCTV ATM pulled out with Digger

Footage captures digger pulling out cash machine in County Londonderry 4.30 BST 8 April 2019

Perhaps cashless society is the way to go and bring forward 5g network to our rural communities first!

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Sixth Post

Posted by Stephen Douglas of Solarcanopy Limited 27 August 2019

Security for gates benefits

Our adjustable hook and band cover Mk7 anti lift gate system also prevents a cordless angle grinder disc reaching the adjustable band on the gate or the hook on the post to view demonstration video click this link

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Fifth Post

Liam Stoker Editor at Solar Power Published 12 Aug 2019, 15.43pm

Solar Farm Thefts

North Wales Police appealing for assistance regarding theft of solar panels from solar farms in St George, Abergele and Llanelian, Colwyn Bay last week.

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Fourth Post

Published 12 February 2019 By Will Dron Sunday Times Driving

Car Theft On The Increase

A Sun News reporter demonstrates how easy it is to break into keyless cars.

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Third Post

Editor Philip Case is news editor Farmers Weekly 07 November 2012

Rural community crimes are target by thieves late at night

According to NFU Mutual, rural crime cost the UK an estimated £44.4m in 2017

Farmers are now being advised to ramp up security to deter rural thieves.

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Second Post

Philip Case is news editor at Farmers Weekly Case 01 July 2019

Farmers Take Action on Crime

Farmers from Ambion Contractors Ltd are engaged in their battle against rural crime they have been turning their farm into a fortresses to protect their properties against the criminals.

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First Post

Published by Staffordshire Police originally 13 July 2019 updated 10th September 2019

Rural Crime prevention

Staffordshire Police Advice on Rural crime prevention

  • Equipment and tool security

  • Boundaries

  • Illegal occupation

  • Livestock theft

  • Chemical storage

  • Estate and building security

  • Fire prevention

  • Diesel theft

  • Tack security

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